Netsuite Norway Localization App

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RC Norway makes Netsuite compliant to Norwegian legislation, adds functionality often requested by Norwegian customers, and digitizes and automates Norwegian-specific processes to free up time for your employees.

Oracle Netsuite delivers excellent features for financial management, inventory and supply chain management, and more through robust cloud-based services developed over several decades.

However, Oracle Netsuite, being developed in an international context, is not compliant with Norwegian and Danish legal requirements out-of-the-box. The software suite is missing central functionality and customizations typically required by Norwegian and Danish companies. Today these gaps are usually bridged by manual and time-consuming customization for each Netsuite customer.

Therefore, Ratio Management is developing RC Norway, a Netsuite Norway Localization app, to make the process of becoming compliant an easy-click-and-install process. In addition to addressing the compliance issue, the app will include functionality often requested by Norwegian customers, and it will digitize and automate Norwegian-specific processes to free up time for your employees. The RC Norway Netsuite Norway Localizationis to be released within 2021.

RC Norway Modules - Netsuite Norway Localization

RC Norway Solutions

RC Norway Invoicing Funtionality

Invoice Sending

To simplify the processes of sending invoices in three different ways; EHF, email, and print

RC Norway Electronic Bank Templates


To make Dunning compliant with Norwegian regulations and common practices

RC Norway Payroll Functionality


Best practice roles for typical Norwegian setup, including access control and dashboards
RC Norway SAF-T Reporting Functionality

SAF-T Reporting

Best practice setup of VAT and General configuration to ensure SAF-T reporting compliance
RC Norway Customs-Functionality


Functionality for bank response files. Payment files including due date. Best practice setup of Bank Reconciliation

RC Norway ELMA Register Integration

ELMA Register Integration

Automatically fill in electronic invoicing details if available in the Norwegian ELMA register, as well as Customer and Vendor information from the Brønnøysund register.

Solutions to be Developed

RC Norway Bank Response File-Handler

Approval Workflow (pilot completed)

Easy to configure functionality for approving supplier invoices as per customer authorization matrix

RC Norway EHF Supporting Functionality

Payroll file integration (to be developed)

Automatically import standard payroll files (including all payroll postings) from the local payroll software

RC Norway KID Number Generator

Manage Custom Declerations

Registration of Custom decleration

RC Norway Other Functionality

Altinn integration for VAT (to be developed)

To simplify the processes of submitting VAT report to Altinn